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Our Services

Our services are designed with our clients in mind. Our strong and loyal team of experience stylist are dedicated to making your visit a memorable one! we have readily available hair products ranging from extensions, wigs, human hair and lot more. you only need to make your choice and we provide the hair products and services at  that would make you stand out among your your peers and love ones. Here is a selections of what we offer:

  • Mini Knotless Braids
  • Regular Braids
  • Crochet Braids
  • Knotless braids
  • Knotless braids barn​
  • Cornrows Style
  • Slikk Press & Trim
  • Pedikyr Spa
  • Dreadlocks - Full Repair
  • Dreadlocks - Half Repair
  • 2 fletter cornrows
  • Gutter fletter cornrows
  • Twist braids styles 
  • Weave on 1/2 pieces
  • Anti-Permanent 
  • Fletter for Barn- Medium
  • Braided or Braidless Extensions 
  • Retwisting Dreadlocks/ Halv hade
  • Tar av Gammel Extension
  • Tar Av Gammel Fletter
  • Tip Extension 100 punkt
  • And many more...
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